MasterCard Foundations partners and related projects in Africa

African Women and Youth Finance Directory

MasterCard FoundationThe MasterCard Foundation is an independent, global organization based in Toronto, Canada, with more than $6 billion in assets.  Through collaboration with partner organizations in 49 countries, mostly in Africa, it is creating opportunities for all people to learn and prosper.

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A list of the MasterCard Foundations partners and related projects in Africa (or globally that include Africa) includes the following:

Partner Location & Purpose Amount & Term
Aflatoun Global
Pilot and roll out a social and financial education program to disadvantaged youth in developing countries
$3.8 million
Five years
African Leadership Academy Africa
Promote entrepreneurship among youth in Africa
$1.65 million
Two years
Ashesi University Africa
Provide scholarships to financially disadvantaged students to complete university education
$13 million
Nine years
Ashoka Africa
Find and support innovative approaches to scaling youth employment in Africa
$6.6 million
Five years
BRAC Uganda
Further scale and document the impact of BRAC's "microfinance multiplied" approach
$45 million
Seven years
Camfed Ghana and Malawi
Scale secondary and financial literacy education for adolescent girls and young women
$10.1 million
Five years
CAP Workforce Development Institute Kenya
Transform outdated technical and vocational training systems
$5.8 million
Five years
Catholic Relief Services: MISSION Africa Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Benin, Burkina Faso, and Senegal
Expand social performance management
$1.7 million
Three years
Center for Financial Inclusion Global
Promote and institutionalize client protection in microfinance
$4.3 million
Three years
ChildFund Zambia
Train and accredit young people as nurses and midwives.
$7.6 million
Five years
Consultative Group To Assist The Poor (CGAP) West Africa
Expand branchless banking and inform industry practice through client research
$11.4 million
Four years
Digital Opportunity Trust Kenya and Rwanda
Equip youth with ICT and workforce readiness skills
$5 million
Three years
EARTH University Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean
Provide scholarships to financially disadvantaged students to complete university education
$19.5 million
Seven years
Education for Employment Foundation Morocco
Increase employability skills of unemployed and disadvantaged youth
$3.2 million
Four years
Equity Group Foundation Financial Literacy Kenya
Expand financial education to youth and women
$10.9 million
Three and a half years
Equity Group Foundation Scholarships Kenya
Provide scholarships and leadership development for secondary school students
$41 million
Nine years
Freedom From Hunger Mali and Ecuador
Provide microfinance services and financial education to youth
$4.4 million
Three years
Fundación Paraguaya Tanzania
Establish and demonstrate a financially self-supporting secondary school model
$5.7 million
Five years
GSMA Foundation: Mobile Money for the Unbanked Sub-Saharan Africa
Generate best practices to scale mobile financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa
$3.8 million
Three years
Habitat for Humanity Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya
Provide access to housing microfinance products and support services to low-income households
$6.6 million
Five years
International Finance Corporation Sub-Saharan Africa

Increase financial services to 5.3 million unbanked people in Sub-Saharan Africa
$37.4 million
Five years
International Labour Organization Global
Expand the global evidence-base and disseminate findings of how young people transition from school to work
$14.6 million
Five years
International Youth Foundation Egypt
Provide youth with skills and networks needed for employment or self-employment
$5.1 million
Four years
Legatum Center for Development & Entrepreneurship, MIT Global
Identify and provide fellowships for entrepreneurs from developing countries to promote a model of entrepreneurship-led development
$20.9 million
Ten years
Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) Egypt and Morocco
Expand microfinance to young people
$5 million
Five years
Microfinance Information Exchange Inc. (MIX) Global
Increase transparency in the microfinance industry and expand coverage in Africa
$2 million
Three years
Microfinance Information Exchange Inc. (MIX) II Global
Promote responsible financial services to underserved populations through data analytics and market insight
$6 million
Four years
Microfinance Opportunities Global
Promote branchless banking
$2.9 million
Three years
Microfinance Transparency Africa
Improve pricing transparency in Africa
$1.2 million
Two years
Opportunity International Canada Sub-Saharan Africa
Expand access to microfinance in rural areas
$8 million
Four years
Test and demonstrate how consolidation can help rural MFIs in Mali scale up their outreach
$1 million
Two years
Plan Canada Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Niger
Provide microfinance services and financial education to youth
$4.1 million
Four years
Samasource Kenya
Expand Samasource's online program to train and employ disadvantaged young people in Kenya
$5.3 million
Five years
Save the Children Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malawi, and Uganda
Improve opportunities for young people in the agricultural sector
$39.8 million
Five years
Save The Children Canada Global
A global study on youth savings
$12.5 million
Five years
SEEP Network Global
Create innovations in youth microfinance
$2.8 million
Three years
SEEP Network: Strengthening Microfinance Industry Associations Sub-Saharan Africa
Strengthen Microfinance Associations (MFAs) in Sub-Saharan Africa
$7.6 million
Four years
Swisscontact Tanzania and Uganda
Demonstrate and expand a practical non-formal skills training model for out-of-school youth
$5.6 million
Five years
TechnoServe Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda
Create employment opportunities for rural disadvantaged youth throughout agricultural value chains
$11.5 million
Four years
The Boulder Institute of Microfinance Global
Develop an innovative Symposium on Financial Inclusion and update Boulder's microfinance programs
$11.3 million
Five years
The MasterCard Foundation Microfinance Scholars Program Global
Train microfinance professionals
$3.9 million
Five years
Tufts University, The Talloires Network Global
Improve the transition to employment for upper-year university students and recent alumni in developing countries
$5.9 million
Five years
UNCDF MicroLead Sub-Saharan Africa

Increase access to microfinance, particularly savings services
$23.5 million
Six years
UNCDF YouthStart Sub-Saharan Africa

Spur innovation and delivery of microfinance for youth in Africa
$12 million
Four and half years
University of Minnesota Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya
Test and support the development of holistic approaches for enabling economic opportunities for disadvantaged youth
$3.4 million
Six years Kenya and Uganda
Test and document credit and savings products for water and sanitation
$3.6 million
Four years